Christiane Egger on Austria’s Renewable Energy Push

The POWER-E-COM project welcomes Christiane Egger from the Energy Agency of Upper Austria (Energiesparverband Oberösterreich) to our YouTube channel!

In this interview, Ms. Egger provides insights into Upper Austria’s impressive progress in establishing renewable energy communities (RECs). As the “industrial heart” of Austria, the region of 1.5 million people balances its industrial sector with a vast rural landscape. This diversity has fostered a thriving REC landscape, with over 170 communities established by October 2023.

Looking ahead, Ms. Egger highlights the project’s role in propelling Upper Austria towards the next stage: citizen energy communities. This evolution, as envisioned in Article 22 of the Renewable Energy Directive, will broaden participation to encompass a wider range of citizens and stakeholders.

POWER-E-COM shares Ms. Egger’s vision of replicating the success of RECs within the framework of citizen energy communities.

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