POWER-E-COM Partner Meeting: Slovenia Embarks on Energy Community Journey

The POWER-E-COM project is excited to share a new YouTube video featuring Vlasta Kremlj from the Energy and Climate Agency of Podravje, Slovenia!

This video spotlights the “Landscape Analysis” – a collaborative effort where project partners from six European countries analyze the national landscapes for energy communities. Ms. Kremlj offers valuable insights into Slovenia’s current state of affairs.

Early Days for Energy Communities:

  • While Slovenia has implemented legislation for energy communities, citizen energy communities, and renewable energy communities, their formation remains limited.
  • Existing communities are very new, established only in 2023, and are still in the development stages.

Key Stakeholders:

  • The public sector, particularly municipalities, are driving the initial establishment of energy communities, recognizing their potential benefits.
  • Electricity suppliers and companies with expertise in the energy sector are also seen as crucial stakeholders, offering valuable knowledge and support.

Challenges and Opportunities:

  • The lack of established, functioning communities presents a challenge, as there are no prior examples to learn from.
  • On the other hand, Slovenia boasts a strong foundation in self-consumption models. Citizens understand the concepts of self-production and self-consumption, which can serve as a springboard for broader community engagement.
  • Power-e-com aims to leverage this existing knowledge and translate it into a successful framework for energy communities.

Watch the full video on our YouTube channel and gain insights into Slovenia’s exciting journey towards a thriving network of energy communities!

POWER-E-COM fosters collaboration and knowledge exchange to empower the creation of a sustainable European energy future!


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