Supporting Energy Communites across Europe

We are a consortium of experienced renewable energy supporters and actors. Our goal is to support Renewable Energy Communities (RECs) and Citizen Energy Communities (CECs) initiatives in our 6 pilot regions across Europe.

A passion for Renewables & Communities

By supporting the development of models and tools that facilitate the creation of energy communities, the project aims to empower citizens to take a more active role in the energy transition.


Facilitate the creation and operation of Energy Communitiess across Europe and enable citizens to participate in the renewable energy transition.


Develop adaptable models for the establishment of ECs, provide training and knowledge sharing, support existing ECs, engaged citizens and local authorities.


Empower citizens and municipalities to participate in a more sustainable and decentralised energy future.  Energy Community Transformation Offices are being established in pilot countries.


Increased access to sustainable and affordable energy.  Supportive regulatory environment for community energy initiatives.

Project Partners

We are a group of twelve project partners, coming from six different EU countries. As part of the project, models are being developed to support and facilitate the establishment of energy communities.

Target Groups

The project empowers existing energy communities, informs interested citizens, and educates municipal leaders to foster community renewable energy initiatives.

Watch, Read, Listen

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