Seamus Hoyne

POWER-E-COM Project Interview: Energy Communities in Ireland with Seamus Hoyne

This video interview explores the current state of energy communities in Ireland, a key focus area for the EU-funded POWER-E-COM project. The project aims to empower the development of these communities based on renewable energy sources, aligning with the goals of the Renewable Energy Directive II (REDII).

Navigating the Irish Landscape

The interview features Seamus Hoyne, a researcher at the Technological University of the Shannon, who delves into the complex landscape for energy communities in Ireland. While frameworks exist for both broad energy topics and community-owned renewable energy projects, there’s a lack of established mechanisms for sharing electricity or heat. This presents both challenges and opportunities, particularly for the emerging district heating market.

Building a Strong Foundation

Despite these hurdles, Ireland possesses positive starting points. The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland plays a crucial role in supporting energy communities through its active program. The interview delves into how these various elements – national agencies, regulatory bodies, municipalities, and existing community groups – contribute to the development of a robust energy community landscape.

Understanding the Needs and Challenges

By engaging with diverse stakeholders, the POWER-E-COM project gains valuable insights. The interview explores the supportive frameworks currently in place, alongside the challenges and barriers faced by energy communities in Ireland.

Seamus Hoyne’s Perspective

Seamus Hoyne brings his expertise to the discussion, highlighting the importance of considering the social and economic aspects of energy communities alongside the technical ones. He emphasizes the need for clear and supportive regulatory frameworks that enable communities to thrive and contribute to Ireland’s renewable energy goals.

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