Gregg Allen (Community Power)

New Challenges for Community Solar Projects in Ireland

We are excited to announce the release of our new YouTube interview!

In this interview, we speak with Gregg Allen, a representative from Community Power, an organization working to empower communities in Ireland to generate their own renewable energy. The discussion highlights the challenges faced by communities developing large-scale solar projects in County Mayo and County Galway, as well as the broader opportunities for community-owned solar energy in Ireland.

Key takeaways from the interview:

  • Bureaucratic hurdles, grid connection, and planning permission pose significant challenges for community solar projects.
  • There is a growing interest in energy efficiency measures and community-owned solar (RECs and CECs) in Ireland.
  • Current regulatory frameworks limit the possibilities for power sharing in community solar projects.

Our goal with this project is to:

  • Help communities navigate the challenges of developing solar projects.
  • Influence policy decisions to support community solar initiatives.
  • Encourage government, local authorities, and distribution system operators (DSOs) to become more supportive of sustainable energy developments.

Watch the full interview on our YouTube channel to learn more!


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