Empowering Renewable and Citizen Energy Communities

As the energy sector transitions towards a more sustainable and decentralized model, energy communities emerge as a promising approach to harness renewable energy resources and distribute it effectively among communities. The POWER-E-Com project aims to foster the development of these energy communities by providing support and guidance to municipalities, existing energy communities, and engaged citizens.

By supporting the development of models and tools that facilitate the creation of energy communities, the project aims to empower citizens to take a more active role in the energy transition.

The project recognizes that individual energy production may not be feasible or efficient for all citizens. Instead, energy communities offer a collective approach to generating, managing, and distributing renewable energy within specific communities. By pooling resources and expertise, these communities can optimize energy production and distribution, ensuring that energy is accessible and sustainable for all residents.

Initial Situation

The POWER-E-Com project addresses the varying regulatory frameworks for energy communities across EU countries. By developing models tailored to each partner country’s specific requirements, the project seeks to provide a comprehensive and adaptable framework for establishing and operating energy communities. This will enable stakeholders to navigate the complexities of legal and regulatory aspects, fostering a more consistent and supportive environment for community energy initiatives.


  • Developing models for the establishment of energy communities: The project will develop models that can be adapted to the specific needs of each participating country. These models will provide guidance on the legal, financial, and organizational aspects of setting up an energy community.
  • Providing training and capacity building: The project will provide training and capacity building for citizens and officials on community energy topics. This will help to raise awareness and build the skills necessary to participate in community energy projects.
  • Facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experience: The project will facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience between partner countries. This will help to share best practices and develop new approaches to community energy development.

Target Groups

  • Renewable energy communities: Existing energy communities will be supported to expand their operations and share their experiences.
  • Active citizens: Citizens will be provided with information and resources to participate in community energy projects.
  • Municipal decision-makers: Municipal decision-makers will be provided with information on the benefits of community energy and how to support its development in their communities.


ProgrammeLIFE Programme – EU´s funding instrument for the environment and climate action
Project Number101120998
Start Date10/2023
End Date09/2026
EU Total funding amount1.496.569,59 €
Overall AimThe overall aim of POWER-E-COM is to foster the cooperation between regional/local authorities and citizens so that community energy projects can be realised in regions in the six different partner countries.
Target groupsRenewable energy communities, active citizens, municipal decision-makers
Key wordsEnergy communities, energy transition, local, regional, authorities, citizens
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