POWER-E-COM Partner Meeting: Sharing Insights on Energy Communities

The POWER-E-COM project is excited to share a new video on our YouTube channel featuring a lively discussion among project partners from across Europe!

This video captures a key project activity: the Landscape Analysis. Partners from six European countries came together in Linz, Austria, to exchange knowledge and experiences regarding energy communities.

Ingo Ball summarizes the discussion, focusing on the distinct national contexts for establishing and fostering energy communities, as outlined in the EU’s RED II directive. Partners delve into the opportunities, challenges, and unique characteristics present in each country.

The insights gleaned from this Landscape Analysis will prove invaluable in shaping the development of ECTOs (Energy Community Transformation Offices). These ECTOs, envisioned as information hubs for local stakeholders, are slated for launch in target regions by autumn 2024.

Watch the full video on our YouTube channel and gain valuable insights into the diverse European landscape of energy communities!

The POWER-E-COM project fosters collaboration and knowledge exchange to pave the way for a thriving network of European energy communities!


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