Lyubimka Georgieva Discusses the Future of Bulgarian Energy Communities

The POWER-E-COM project is thrilled to feature Lyubimka Georgieva from the Black Sea Energy Research Center on our YouTube channel!

This interview sheds light on the exciting future of energy communities in Bulgaria. While the country hasn’t yet established any formal communities, Ms. Georgieva highlights a surge of promising projects on the horizon. A significant milestone was reached just two weeks prior to the interview, with the long-awaited adoption of regulations governing energy communities within Bulgarian legislation.

Ms. Georgieva expresses optimism that this legislative step will pave the way for the flourishing of new energy communities across Bulgaria. She cites a project led by one of Power-e-com’s municipal partners as a prime example. This initiative spearheads the establishment of an energy community with the municipality playing a central role. Their strategy involves engaging a large number of households through crowdfunding to finance the construction of a photovoltaic (PV) system. The community will then be empowered to generate and utilize its own clean electricity.

Watch the full interview on our YouTube channel!

POWER-E-COM is committed to supporting the development of sustainable energy solutions across Europe. Stay tuned for further updates!


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