Gloria Callinan Discusses Irish Energy Communities

The POWER-E-COM project is excited to share a new interview on our YouTube channel featuring Gloria Callinan from the Technological University of the Shannon in Ireland!

In this video, Ms. Callinan discusses the strong foundation for sustainable energy communities in Ireland. She highlights the existing “ecosystem” of active and well-organized communities working alongside the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. These collaborations have resulted in energy master plans and grant aid programs for citizen-led renovations.

While acknowledging the success of existing initiatives, Ms. Callinan identifies the challenge of generating renewable energy. Currently, Ireland boasts only one established renewable energy community, Templederry. Through the Power-e-com project, Ms. Callinan expresses hope for raising the bar and supporting the development of many more renewable energy communities across Ireland.

Stay tuned for more insights from POWER-E-COM as we explore the potential of community-driven sustainable energy solutions!


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